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What's New Thursday 5th of August 2021
Sibur’s ZapSibneftekhim upgrading unit at Tobolsk petrochemical complex

ZapSibNeftekhim has let a contract to Honeywell UOP for the modernization of a PDH unit to increase propylene feedstock for expanded production of polypropylene at its base polymers petrochemical complex in Western Siberia’s Tyumen region.

What's New Wednesday 4th of August 2021
Whistler pipeline placed in service

Whistler Pipeline LLC started full commercial service on the Whistler natural gas pipeline on July 1, providing some 2.0 bcfd of incremental natural gas transport capacity to the Texas Gulf Coast markets from the Permian basin.

What's New Tuesday 3rd of August 2021
USA Says Oil Tanker Was Targeted by Drones

U.S. Navy experts believe a drone struck an oil tanker with links to an Israeli billionaire off Oman this week, the Associated Press reported, citing the American military.Two crew members -- a Romanian and a U.K. citizen -- were killed when the Merce…

What's New Monday 2nd of August 2021
Just a speed bump? Oil has taken a dive, but Goldman is still bullish

A panic-induced sell-off in the oil market triggered by virus concerns has thrown the commodity’s upward march into question — but energy experts at Goldman Sachs don’t appear to be rattled.Fears over the surging delta coronavirus variant and a fre…

What's New Friday 30th of July 2021
U.S. And Russia Urge China And Europe To Get Involved In Nuclear Talks

Russia says it wants Britain and France to become part of wider nuclear arms control talks with the United States as Washington continues to seek Chinas inclusion in the negotiations.Anatoly Antonov, Moscows envoy to the United States, said on July 29…

What's New Wednesday 28th of July 2021
Libya Looks To Boost Oil Production To 1.6 Million Bpd In 2022

Libya could boost its oil production to 1.6 million barrels per day (bpd) by the middle of 2022 if the industry has the necessary funding, Libya’s Oil Minister Mohamed Oun told Italian news agency Agenzia Nova in an interview published this week.Curr…

What's New Tuesday 27th of July 2021
Oil falls as coronavirus, slower China imports hit demand

LONDON, July 26 (Reuters) - Oil prices fell on Monday due to concerns over fuel demand caused by the spread of COVID-19 variants and as changes to import rules in China offset expectations of tight supplies through the rest of the year.Brent crude fut…

What's New Monday 26th of July 2021
India's Largest Refiner Plans To Ramp Up Capacity This Decade

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), the largest oil refiner in the country,looks to boost its crude oil refining capacity by one-third over the next half-decade as it believes gasoline and diesel demand will continueto rise in India, IOC’s chairman Shrikan…

What's New Friday 23rd of July 2021
US-Sanctioned Chinese Firm Helps Iran, Venezuela To Export Oil

China Concord Petroleum Co., Limited, also referred to as CCPC, was sanctioned by the United Statesat the end of September 2019, "for knowingly engaging in a significant transaction for the transport of oil from Iran," the then U.S. Secretar…

What's New Thursday 22nd of July 2021
China Ramps Up Coal Production To Meet Growing Energy Demand

While the rest of the world is tryingto come to grips with the European Union’s proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) – which calls for the levying of charges on non-E.U. products in relation to their embedded carbon footprint — China,…

What's New Wednesday 21st of July 2021
OPEC+ agrees oil supply boost after UAE, Saudi reach compromise

MOSCOW/DUBAI/LONDON,July 18 (Reuters) - OPEC+ ministers agreed on Sunday to boost oil supply from August to cool prices which have climbed to 2-1/2 year highsas the global economy recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.Thegroup, which includes OPEC co…

What's New Tuesday 20th of July 2021
Iran to open oil export terminal beyond Strait of Hormuz next week

(Bloomberg) - Iran plans to ship a cargo of oil from a port in the Gulf of Oman next week, its first crude export from outside the Persian Gulf and beyond the narrow, crisis-prone Strait of Hormuz.“Thefirst vessel has arrived in the Jask region and w…

What's New Monday 19th of July 2021
Angola Receives 45 Bids For Oil Blocks

Angola has received 15 bids for a total of nine oil blocks the government tendered in 2020, Energy Voice reports, citing the Africa Energy Chamber as saying that 15 companies submitted a total of 45 offers for all of the tendered blocks.The combined v…

What's New Friday 16th of July 2021
The American Pipeline War Is Only Just Beginning

It is not a great time to be an oil pipeline developer or operator inNorth America these days. Policymakers are canceling projects and threatening to close operational pipelines. Environmental groups are becoming more vocal in their opposition to any …

What's New Wednesday 14th of July 2021
Bezos, Branson and Musk Scrambling For Supply Of This Rare Gas

We’ve had supply scares for this gas before; but this time around, itcoincides with the depletion of the US federal reserve and soaring demand from some of the biggest industries on earth. The tech industry is likely to find itself scrambling to secu…

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