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Group Visitor Policy

Group Visitor Requirement

Visitor: A group visitor of 5 (come from at least 3 companies) or more delegates (First Time NEW Visitor)

Visitor Identity: Overseas Visitors including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau

Material: Passport Page, Business/Name Card in PDF/JPG Version

Deadline: 31 August 2020


Package A

① The group leader will receive additional $100 USD/new visitor commission

② Every group member can enjoy 2-day FREE Four-star hotel (two person per room, twin room)

③ Group leader and members can enjoy airport one-time pick-up service (same flight, at least 5 people)

④ Group leader and members have direct access to on-site activities including factory tour

Bonus Upgraded under the following condition 

IF the GROUP VISITOR has more than 10 people, the group leader can enjoy Bonus Package A+B 

* Package A ①②③④  

* Package B The group leader can reimburse one round trip tickets (economic class, one person)


Procedure Instruction

Step 1: Inform Committee your Intent to organize a visitor group via email at market@donnor.com

Step 2: Submit all the group members’ material to market@donnor.com 

Step 3: The Committee will issue group visitor confirmation and Hotel Confirmation to group leader

Step 4: After checking the arrival of all members during the fair period, the Group Leader must bring the team passport copies and name cards to the Organizer Office to get the commission.

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